20. Maj, 2010
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24. Marec, 2010
Eighteen months ago, DPA Microphones unveiled its brand new 4099 clip mic range, which has proved to be a success with musicians worldwide. The range has now been expanded with two new additions: the 4099B and 4099C, with mounting accessories designed specifically for bass and cello respectively. več...
17. Marec, 2010
Napredne tehnološke rešitve, natančen odziv na hitre zvočne tranziente, linearen in v ekstremih razširjen frekvenčni obseg, neutrudljivo poslušanje pri visoki glasnosti ter koherentna zvočna slika pri zelo nizkih jakostih; to so samo nekatere od dobrot, s katerimi so nam postregli francoski mojstri. več...
ATP - 03 Excellence

ATP3® is a set of acoustic panels prepared for medium-sized rooms, which are maybe the most usual ones. You can choose from the two ATP3® available solutions: Standard or Excellence, depending on your needs and aesthetic taste.


Besides the use of absorption and diffusion panels, ATP3® also uses low-frequency tuned modules, BKA120® and BKW120®, as the pictures show. It is imperative to use these modules in such type of rooms in order to hold the energy at low frequencies.
The presence of acoustic panels in a room helps to enhance, in the most real way, the sound produced by its system, thus improving the sound stage and the channel separation.
The next step is to optimize the acoustic coupling between the listener and the speakers, while minimizing the SBIR and the modal emphasis to produce a frequency response as flat as possible in the room.
ATP3® is a very practical assembly kit and is provided with assembly instructions, as well as the glues and tools which are necessary to apply the acoustic modules.
Room tipology (applications):
Home-theatre Hi-fi rooms or instrument rooms 
Home-studios Small-sized home-theatre rooms
Where to apply:
Rooms with an area between: 17 and 24 square meters 
Rooms with volumes between: 45 and 58 cubic meters

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