20. Maj, 2010
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24. Marec, 2010
Eighteen months ago, DPA Microphones unveiled its brand new 4099 clip mic range, which has proved to be a success with musicians worldwide. The range has now been expanded with two new additions: the 4099B and 4099C, with mounting accessories designed specifically for bass and cello respectively. več...
17. Marec, 2010
Napredne tehnološke rešitve, natančen odziv na hitre zvočne tranziente, linearen in v ekstremih razširjen frekvenčni obseg, neutrudljivo poslušanje pri visoki glasnosti ter koherentna zvočna slika pri zelo nizkih jakostih; to so samo nekatere od dobrot, s katerimi so nam postregli francoski mojstri. več...
Microtech Gefell - SMS 2000

The condenser miniature microphone system SMS 2000 consists of microphone amplifier and exchangable capsules with the polar patterns cardioid, hyper cardioid and omnidirectional. Consequently, the microphones M 200, M 210 and M 270 are available. This allows a universal application in professional recording and sound reinforcement. The newly developed, transformerless circuit design highlighted by remarkably low intrinsic noise and output capability substitutes the previous transformer.


The module system adjusted to optimum reproduction properties allows a particulary clean and colourless sound reproduction.
The direction of maximum sensitivity is axial. The studio microphone module system is equipped with a comprehensive range of accessories for widely varying methods of microphone mounting.
lt is possible to switch on a 10 dB-preattenuation for the handling of very high sound pressure levels. A reduction of the sensitivity factor for low frequencies can be utilized to suppress the proximity effect. The two switches are sunk placed in the middle of the amplifier.
At the lower end of the amplifier a 3-pin XLR connector is placed for the C 70 microphone cable. The power supply is provided by 48 V phantom powering, which is internationally standardized as P 48 in DIN 45 596 and IEC 268-15. The studio microphone system is available with the finish matt black and satin nickel.
The microphone capsule M 20 is a pressure gradient transducer with cardioid polar pattern which has very balanced frequency contours relative to the sound incidence direction and a desired smooth presence rise in the upper recording range.
This property of the capsule preserves the own natural accentuation of the soloists and instruments at recording. lt is recommendable at close-talking to use a Popscreen and to switch on the bass roll-off on the amplifier.
The pressure gradient transducer M 21 with the hyper cardioid polar pattern causes a stronger beaming of sound in the frontier halfroom and a suppressing of crosstalk. The microphone capsule should be used for such applications required front-impinging sound especially to accent against surroundings noise.
The pressure transducer M 27 with omnidirectional polar pattern is intended predominantly for far-field applications. lt is unsensitiv for structure born nois and wind. The treble boost rising of 5 dB at 10 kHz is the warranty also for brilliant recordings of microphone at undefined sound direction.

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