Smart AV Tango

Smart AV Tango

A combination of Features, Technology, Ergonomics and Quality that will blow your mind, but not your budget. Tango is real value for the audio professional and home user alike.

Dedicated Controls

Each of the 8 channel strips feature dedicated controls, with high quality, well laid out components that engineers love to use. Each of the 8 channels has a dedicated HOLD button, 100mm Touch Sensitive Motorized Fader, Inject Touch Point, Mute Button, Solo Touch Point and Touch Sensitive Encoder (24 DPI with Detents and a Push Button). Each channel strip extends in to an in-line touch surface of virtual controls each dedicated to the task at hand.

The Smart Console Expert Panel is retained on the left of the console, with dedicated Automation and ARC modifier controls, as well as Grouping, Ergonomic Spread, Solo and Monitoring controls. The Console has a built in Mouse Pad for Workstation control, above which lie dedicated Transport and Locator buttons, a Jogger Wheel with Modifier Buttons, and dedicated Cursor and Selection buttons.

Active Controls

Parameters such as plug ins are automatically assigned to the 16 Touch Sensitive Encoders (24 DPI with Detents and a Push Button), to the right of the screen. These are tied to the screen graphics for intuitive control and easy access.

As well as these 16 encoders, the Active Controls, consisting of a High Resolution Smooth Feel Encoder, Active Button and Touch Sensitive Motorized Pot can be assigned to any parameter with a simple touch of the screen.

Virtual (Touch screen) Controls

The Touch Screen Layout is User Definable and as the system develops it will be possible to recall many layouts instantly. For example, screen layouts for General Mixing, ADR recording, Sound Effects Spotting, Music Composition, etc., can be recalled with a single touch of the dedicated screen menus on the left most edge of the screen. The action of recall can itself also trigger a workstation Screen Set Recall, so that not only does the Console reconfigure itself, but your workstation screens do as well!

Dedicated Displays

The screen graphics are modular, so that any parameter can be assigned any representation type. (Bar Graphs, Sliders, Buttons, Knobs, etc.) . There are also dedicated displays for EQ graphs, Dynamics Graphs, Surround Panning and other unique controls.

Smart AV will be updating the library of icons and controls periodically, and we are planning to make the graphics editable by the users at some stage in the future for total customisation.

Zoom button – EQ graph

The zoom button on the active channel displays the EQ allowing a large EQ window to be opened. Finger control of the EQ Gain and Frequency via the touch screen. The EQ can be adjusted with the active controls for simultaneous control of Gain, Freq and EQ!

The EQ zoom window dimensions are 30cm x 20cm.

Zoom button – Panner

The zoom button on the active channel displays a large Panner window to be opened. This allows users more precise touch screen control of the Panner for the first time, being able to Pan ANY of the current working channels around on a single large panner display.

The dimensions of the zoom Panner window are 30cm x 20cm.

On screen editors

An on-screen editor available at a single touch and featuring user programmable virtual keys for super fast control of all editing functions.

A virtual keyboard displayed on the 22 inch touchscreen for naming and other rapid entry of text.


Tango DAW controller has 3 main graphic sections that can be personalised:

1 – The Edit Panel with a minimum of 1000 buttons in 10 tabs on the touchscreen
2 – 40 physical buttons that can behave in 4 different ways each (push, release and in conjunction with the Jogger left and right)
3 – The Active Edit Panel containing 1000 buttons (minimum)

No need to adapt your workflow to your controller anymore. With Tango you create your buttons, assign them to the shortcuts or a Macro you use most, from the available key commands list of your software. The on screen buttons can be coloured from a palette of 50 different colours and textures. Then you name them and place them according to your needs.

Tango comes with pre-made templates for all compatible softwares. These templates can be modified / personalised with the different panels Copy/Paste or swap function.

The Edit Panel

The Edit Panel contains a minimum of 1000 tactile buttons on screen placed in 10 tabs. Shortcuts and Macros can be assigned to each button. In other words, all the available commands of your favourite audio editor software can be assigned to each of these buttons. In Configuration mode, the available shortcut list appears at the bottom of this section (in the below picture, the shortcut list of Nuendo is shown).

A smaller version of the Edit Panel can be displayed on top of the Pan sections, above the working channels. This panel has identical functions to the large Edit Panel. Now you can mix and edit simultaneously. The workflow acceleration is simply huge!

Physical Buttons

The physical buttons are programmed in the same way as the Edit Panel buttons. The only difference is that your access to this panel is through the Edit Keys button and that each button symbol is reproduced to let you find them immediately.

When a button is pressed, the corresponding button graphic is highlighted on the touchscreen. The full list of assignable shortcuts is displayed on the bottom of the Edit Keys panel.

The Active Edit Panel

The Active Edit Panel configuration is made in the same way as both preceding panels. The only difference is that in this section you have 5 panels of 2 rows. Each of these panels appear is called on Tango’s active channel with each of the tracks blocs :Inserts, Dynamics, EQ, Sends & Pan.

This gives you 20 more shortcuts without the need to open the Edit Panel.

Find more information about this product here.

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