20. Maj, 2010
Buy Mytek 8X192 AD/DA and get through June 30, 2010 FREE Protools® HD Card ( 699€ value!!! ) več...
24. Marec, 2010
Eighteen months ago, DPA Microphones unveiled its brand new 4099 clip mic range, which has proved to be a success with musicians worldwide. The range has now been expanded with two new additions: the 4099B and 4099C, with mounting accessories designed specifically for bass and cello respectively. več...
17. Marec, 2010
Napredne tehnološke rešitve, natančen odziv na hitre zvočne tranziente, linearen in v ekstremih razširjen frekvenčni obseg, neutrudljivo poslušanje pri visoki glasnosti ter koherentna zvočna slika pri zelo nizkih jakostih; to so samo nekatere od dobrot, s katerimi so nam postregli francoski mojstri. več...



API - 500VPR 10 Space Rack - The 500VPR RACK is a remote powered rack that holds up to 10 of the 500 series modules, including the 550a and b EQ, 525 Compressor, 512c Mic Pre, etc. It has XLR in and out. Power to the frame is provided by use of the included L200 power supply.

Api - 512c - One of the most famous mic preamps around, the 512C uses the sought-after 2520 op-amp, which yields 65 dB of distinctive, clean/creamy gain. Based on the original API 512 mic pre, the modernized 512C has an astounding amount of headroom, making it one of our favorite preamps for use with ribbon microphones. Works with all 500-series powered racks.

Api - 525 - An exact replica of the legendary 70's-era workhorse, the 525 was (and still is) a sophisticated and transparent-sounding compressor/limiter. Featuring a fixed, very fast attack time, variable release times and a killer de-esser, the 525 also boasts a one-knob ceiling control which automatically adjusts output gain -- very musical, and very useful for people who like to work fast. Works with all 500-series powered racks.

API - 527 - The API 527 takes it's place alongside the family of API VCA based compressors, the 225L and the 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor. Anyone familiar with those units will immediately be at home with the 527. Features common to the line like "feed forward" (NEW) and "feed back" (OLD) gain reduction methods selectable on the front panel, provide a choice of "that old way", or "the new way" of compression, for the highest level of flexibility in signal gain control.

API - 550A - API made a lot of friends when they reissued the stalwart 550A EQ module a few years ago. Original specimens were going for crazy money and of course didn't always work. Fifteen points of astoundingly musical equalization housed in a compact yet wonderfully ergonomic module, the 550A works with all 500-series powered racks.

API - 550B - The 550B takes API's legendary 550A equalizer module and kicks it up a notch, adding an extra filter plus several additional frequencies to the proceedings. The singular "550 sound" has been a part of countless hit recordings since the 60's. Works with all 500-series powered racks.

API - 560 - One of our favorite graphic equalizers out there, the 560 is a compact vertically mounted (surprise!) module that is amazingly intuitive and ergonomic. The seemingly endless headroom, courtesy of API's legendary 2520 op-amp, allows extreme sonic manipulation with minimal artifacts. Works with all 500-series powered racks.

API - Lunchbox 500 6B Rack - A classic tool for the itinerant engineer who wants to easily tote his/her favorite API modules (or any other of the scores of compatible third party modules) to different studios. The Lunchbox provides regular and phantom power as well as XLR in and out jacks. Load it up with mic pres, EQ's, compressors, or any combination and you're good to go.

API 2500 - Discrete 2 Channel Stereo Buss Compressor - The API 2500 is a versatile stereo bus compressor that allows adjustment of sonic qualities that can alter the punch and tone of the stereo mix. The 19" rack mountable unit features ATI's patented "thrust" circuit for a chest-hitting, punchy bottom end. With its dual channel design, the API 2500 is set up for stereo compression, but can also be used as two separate units via a single compression setting. The 2500 boasts a range of parameters that make it incredibly musical.

API 3124+ - A compact, versatile 1 rack-space unit with the same mic preamp circuitry that is used in all API consoles. It utilizes the E-115 K mic input transformer and the same output transformer that is used in all API equalizers. All four mic inputs of the 3124+ are powered by an internal 48 volt phantom power supply, front panel switchable for each channel. Also provided is a front panel 20dB pad switch that affects both the Mic and Line in.

API 3124MB+ - The M+ adds a complete 4x2 stereo mixer to the 3124. Also provided is a post fader Aux send and a stereo Aux return. With the re-design of the 3124 and the 3124M, API brought the phantom power switch to the front, added a polarity switch, added a transformer balanced stereo output option, added a little color, then Jeff wanted to call them the 3124 Plus and the 3124M Plus. ..So, be it...The circuit is still the original 312 mic pre-amp card, with all of the stuff hooked up for you. ..Many have tried to copy it, but it still wins the shoot outs!!!

API 7600 - Discrete 4 Buss Channel Strip: 212, 550A and 225. The API 7600/7800 offer studios of all sizes a whole new range of options without sacrificing quality. Perfect for project studios who want high performance console sound, but have limited channel needs and/or budget availability, or professional studios who may want to add more channels to their existing desk, the API 7600 strip forms the basis of a build-as-you-need-it, high quality recording console.

API 7800 - Discrete 4 Buss Console Master. API 7800 Rack Mounted Master Control Module is the final stage in the line of 7600 Input Modules linked together in a console configuration. The new API 7800 fits into one rack space unit. It includes summing amps for the echo sends, busses and stereo mix bus when linked up with the 7600 input module. The 7800 is available in either a Vertical or Horizontal configuration, depending on the custom needs of the user.

API 8200 - Discrete 8 Channel Summing Mixer. API Audio is now shipping the API 8200 8-channel mixer, the latest addition to the company's line of rack-mount modular components.

ATI 8MX2 - The 8MX2 is an essential companion for any of todays digital multitrack systems. It offers 8 of the proprietary ATI High Voltage mic-preamps in a single rack space, and a stereo mix buss with full monitoring capabilities. Each channel also has a variable threshold limiter as well as full cueing capabilities with metering of level and limiter attenuation.

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