20. Maj, 2010
Buy Mytek 8X192 AD/DA and get through June 30, 2010 FREE Protools® HD Card ( 699€ value!!! ) več...
24. Marec, 2010
Eighteen months ago, DPA Microphones unveiled its brand new 4099 clip mic range, which has proved to be a success with musicians worldwide. The range has now been expanded with two new additions: the 4099B and 4099C, with mounting accessories designed specifically for bass and cello respectively. več...
17. Marec, 2010
Napredne tehnološke rešitve, natančen odziv na hitre zvočne tranziente, linearen in v ekstremih razširjen frekvenčni obseg, neutrudljivo poslušanje pri visoki glasnosti ter koherentna zvočna slika pri zelo nizkih jakostih; to so samo nekatere od dobrot, s katerimi so nam postregli francoski mojstri. več...

Inward Connections


Inward Connections - Vac Rac TSL-3 Stereo Tube Limiter - Add warmth and euphonic tube character to your tracks with the venerable TSL-3 Vac Rac from Inward Connections

Inward Connections - EQP2 - Inward Connections EQP2 is a versatile fully parametric 2-band equalizer utilizing the legendary SPA690 discrete amp blocks. Capable of 20db of boost/cut per band, this all discrete design will offer smooth equalization from subtle to extreme.

Inward Connections - Mix 690 16 Channel Rack Mixer - Built using the same proprietary op-amps as the DEQ-1, this unit sounds very large and fat while still retaining clarity and detail in the high end.

Inward Connections - MPD500 - The Inward Connections MPD500 is a full-featured discrete microphone preamp with DI from the manufacturer of the famed VAC-Rac stereo tube limiter. Using the all-discrete SPA-690 Op-Amp, this design gives a very high-bandwidth and musical tone without a trace of sterility.

Inward Connections - OPT1A - Using the legendary SPA690 discrete amp blocks, the Inward Connections OPT1A has the exact same Optocell gain reduction circuitry as the revered TSL-3 Vac-Rac tube limiter in a solid state 500 series format.

Inward Connections - VC500 - The Inward Connections VC500 is a VCA compressor for the 500 format and it raises the bar! Master Craftsman Steve Firlotte did not disappoint with the VC500, utilizing the famed SPA690 op-amp with Military Spec construction.

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