Jocavi Tubabsorber

Jocavi Tubabsorber

Brand: Jocavi
The Tubabsorber® is one of the important absorbent elements of medium-low frequencies in our catalogue. This panel was built to take most advantage in areas where there is a strong incidence of acoustic pressure that is usually generated in the corners and edges of rooms.
That high energy is changed into short movements of air, which is retained inside its box.
Due to the way it works, the Tubabsorber® can be mounted on the floor, in horizontal or vertical corners or on walls and ceilings, with the help of the different accessories available for each application.
When it is placed on the floor, it is also easy to install it and adjust it, in order to optimise results.


  • Uses 60% of recycled materials.
  • Tuned to 200Hz.
  • Average absorption: 0.86/ m [>50Hz;<250KHz].
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Fire-resistance: M2.
  • Package: 1 and 2 units.
  • Installation: accessories included.

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