Jocavi Roundbasscorner

Jocavi Roundbasscorner

Brand: Jocavi
It is of paramount importance to control the low range of the sound spectrum in any music room. In corners, for example, long waves are usually generated, as well as stationary low frequencies, which are heard as a "boom", thus making them slack, loose and disjointed from the rest of the spectrum range.
Applying JOCAVI's Roundbasscorner® is necessary. This panel, which is extremely efficient at holding back excessive levels of low frequencies, is manufactured with an exclusive production membrane applied on a tuned box.
The panel Roundbasscorner® provides a good reduction of energy between 40 Hz and 400 Hz. Its highest level of reduction is at 125 Hz.
This product reduces or eliminates unwanted low resonances.
Because of their trapezoidal shape, these panels look discreet in the room, since they are installed in corners which are usually overlooked.


  • Uses 60% of recycled materials.
  • Tuned to 125Hz.
  • Average absorption: 0.92/ m [>50Hz;<250KHz].
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Fire-resistance: M2.
  • Package: unit.
  • Installation: accessories included.

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