Jocavi Basslayer

Jocavi Basslayer

Brand: Jocavi
Control of low frequencies in audio rooms is always essential. Absorption of this energy is successful when the adequate solution is found. We tried to come up with a product with a good technical performance, whose size does not hinder its application, and that is a solution to most types of rooms.
This product is recommended for music audition rooms or music rehearsal rooms whose volumetric dimensions range between 32 m3 and 220 m3 , obviously by using the number of products in proportion to the space in question.
Basslayer® is a low frequency absorption panel. It is a hard membrane absorber inside a tuned box with four lateral holes and is tuned to 160 Hz.
Its shape is both appealing and discreet and it is a good option for installation on walls or ceilings. It can also be mounted in pairs in the corners of rooms turning into a highly efficient Basscorner, also at 80hz.
This product can be combined with the absorption panel Mellowalltrap to complement the absorption of medium frequencies.


  • Uses 70% of recycled materials.
  • Tuned to 160Hz.
  • Average absorption: 0.59/ m [>50Hz;<250KHz].
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Fire-resistance: M2.
  • Package: 2 units.
  • Installation: accessories included.

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