Focal SM6 Solo6 Be

Focal SM6 Solo6 Be

Brand: Focal
The Focal SM6 active studio monitors use Focal's unique reverse dome Beryllium tweeter technology. These speakers produce a very neutral sound without any coloration or bias. They are perfect for long monitoring sessions and also prevent listener fatigue.

Exclusive Acoustical Technologies

  • 40 kHz bandwidth Beryllium tweeter 
    The reversed dome tweeter is a hallmark of Focal. As a result of more than twenty years of development into a tweeter that could produce a high output, but without requiring high energy input and without increasing directivity. And now the company is ready to make a major leap forward with the introduction of the pure Beryllium version.
  • The “W” cone 
    For more than 15 years the composite cone sandwich technology is a Focal exclusivity. The “W” process - first initiated in 1995 with the Grande Utopia - now provides a true optimisation of the frequency response by fine tuning of mass, rigidity and damping parameters.
  • High performance amplification BASH® 
    The BASH® technology is a pertinent implementation, making the most of both the AB class and D class amplification technologies. The key idea of the BASH® technology is based on a continually variable supply voltage which tends to zero when there is no input signal and reaches its highest level when the amplification power requires. As this supply voltage is continually variable but always lower than that of an AB class amplifier, there is necessarily less losses. To meet these requirements, the amplification device benefits from a AB class structure while the variable power supply uses a high speed D class unit in order to constantly supply the amplifier with the appropriate power. This new structure allows the amplifier to keep the advantages of the AB class in terms of sound rendition while reaching the energy efficiency level of the D class which gets up here to 85% and between 50 and 60% with a music program signal.


Bash amplifer technical details
W cone technical details

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