Brand: AEA
The AEA R84 DJV is a variation of the award winning R84 ribbon microphone, optimized for closeup voice reproduction. The R84DJV has the gorgeous, flattering tone of the R84, but is more heavily protected from the moisture and wind blasts that can occur during vocal work. The proximity effect of the R84DJV has been adjusted for an articulate sound at close working distances. The R84DJV is perfect for studio broadcast work, voice overs, and "intimate" vocal recordings.
If you are new to ribbons, you are in for a treat! Experienced users have discovered the R84 is an outstanding general-purpose microphone, ideally suited for solo and accent work. It is hard to find an application where this mic does not shine. It is a fine example of the natural sound and figure-8 directional sensitivity a quality ribbon mic delivers.

  1. Pure natural sound, just as you hear it when you're placing your mic in the studio.
  2. Quick smooth transients that capture the feeling of being there without sounding like a recording.
  3. Extended bass and treble that captures the details without shoving anything in your face.
  4. A figure-eight pattern that focuses your recording on the sound you want.

We believe you will enjoy the confidence this mic inspires. It's a forgiving tool that makes your recording work easier, as it literally sounds good on everything. Try it first and you'll usually like it and find it sits well in the mix. When time is scarce and quality necessary, put the R84 to the test. Our users' experience is that you'll use it more and more (in pairs too!). Then it will start to really grow on you.

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