Buzz Audio SSA-1.1

Buzz Audio SSA-1.1

Brand: Buzz Audio
The SSA-1.1 delivers a vibrant high definition signal path - users can expect excellent top end clarity and tight bass punch at a very affordable price. The SSA is great for all recording tasks leaving the signal clean and "in tact" so you can add you own flavour later in the mixing process - sounds sensible to us!
The mic inputs of the SSA utilize our proprietary BE40 True Class A amplifiers providing low noise high speed and near perfect amplification of signals without slew induced and transient overload distortions. The SSA features a padless mic input with high headroom so the signal always hits the front end amps directly - perfect for those high output levels from drum microphones. In fact, if you are suffering from that bouncing balloon kick drum sound on your recordings, we guarantee the SSA will eliminate it forever.

As with all our mic preamplifier designs, we like to think of them as an extension to the connected microphone - not a separate entity.

An added bonus is the high impedance instrument or pickup input - accessible from the front panel - which features a unique wide bandwidth (down to 4Hz) Class A FET "bootstrapped" amplifier stage which adds a big and open sound to your bass, synth and keyboard tracks.

The included 50Hz high pass filter is handy when recording vocals to reduce those annoying "plosives".

The SSA is assembled and wired by hand using top quality through hole components (no surface mount) and certainly brings a effortless powerful sound within reach of the more budget user. The optional output transformer adds a bit more colour to the SSA preamp for those who desire the sound of iron! What more do you need from a mic pre?


  • Unique True Class A low noise high speed mic input amplifiers.
  • Dedicated instrument input buffer - not an add-on to the mic input.
  • Switchable 50Hz high pass filter.
  • Soft ON/OFF phantom power circuit.
  • Electronically balanced Line output on XLR.
  • Each channel individually power regulated.
  • Pad-less mic input with +15dB gain boost switch instead.
  • Up to 65dB mic gain - suitable for ribbon mics.
  • Direct Output bypasses the balanced output stage.
  • Separate 41 position detented gain controls for mic and pickup.
  • Phase reverse and output mute controls.
  • Traditional construction techniques for easy servicing.
  • Sowter output transformer option.
  • Modest price - bang for buck !!
  • Sound comparable to many mic preamplifiers costing a lot more !!

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