Buzz Audio QSP-20

Buzz Audio QSP-20

Brand: Buzz Audio
The challenge for the modern studio (large or small) is a big sound on a tight budget, so we've done our best to bring you a very high level of audio performance at reasonable price. The QSP 4 channel mic preamp is made with real Class A discrete amplification and high end audio transformers just like the vintage classics of the past. But it does not carry the vintage price tag. The QSP has a stunning sound which you will immediately notice and owning a unit means never having to doubt your preamplifier again.
Like most of our microphone preamplifiers, the QSP-20 does not use a transformer at the input. Instead we couple direct to the Class A (BE41) amplifier modules with hi-quality WIMA capacitors. This approach presents a much less reactive load to the microphone and allows it breathe better. In other words, the QSP is like an extension to the microphone and this means you can clearly hear the differences between all microphone types and brands. The HI Z - LO Z switch allows you change the load the microphone sees, and this can produce subtle tonal changes depending on the type of microphone.
Another advantage of the direct coupled input is noise - or lack of it. You will discover the QSP has an extremely low noise floor making it useful for low output microphones such as ribbons. The low noise plus the high output headroom results in a preamp with 92dB dynamic range at full gain of 70dB.
In addition to the four mic inputs, you also have four high impedance instrument inputs on the front panel. These inputs can be used for keyboards and instruments with unbalanced pickups.
Both the mic and line inputs benefit from the sound of the Lundahl* output transformer which exhibits an incredible frequency response right out to 200kHz, whilst adding a subtle amount of harmonic at the lower frequencies. Transients are preserved and the bottom end sounds full and these attributes make the QSP an excellent preamplifier for recording drums and other percussive instruments.


  • Toasty discrete Class A amplifiers
  • Flashy Lundahl* audio output transformers
  • Up to 70dB of gain
  • +28dBu output headroom
  • Culmination of 20 years design experience
  • Robust chassis construction
  • On board linear power supplies - no wall warts!
  • Easy to use control layouts
  • Competitive pricing

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