Buzz Audio MA-2.2

Buzz Audio MA-2.2

Brand: Buzz Audio
The MA-2.2 has a transformerless input stage designed to minimize frequency response anomalies caused by reactive loading of the connected microphone. All gain stages utilize our own discrete transistor True Class A differential amplifiers (the BE40) to provide an amazingly wide bandwidth and fast slew rate. In fact, the internal frequency response of the MA-2.2 extends beyond 1,000,000Hz - even at full gain! (Passive filtering at the input of the MA-2.2 to limit the response to 250kHz prevents amplification of unwanted radio frequencies).
The very high speed and wide frequency response of the MA-2.2 ensures distortionless reproduction of all transients - a key factor to ensure the preamplifier does not sound clinical or cluttered in the upper midrange. The absence of the input transformer also ensures that the low frequencies are amplified smoothly, free from LF transformer distortion and phase/frequency response errors providing a "real" and tight bass sound.

Attention to the power supply design further enhances performance by providing exceptionally quiet DC power rails for the BE40 amplifier modules. The MA-2.2's ultra low noise and unobtrusive noise spectra provides the best possible dynamic range for digital recordings with most microphones contributing more noise than the MA-2.2 itself.

In order to keep the signal path as simple as possible, the MA-2.2 does not have a instrument input and the output is unbalanced, avoiding the extra stages required for these functions. As an enhancement to the overall design, we offer output transformer options to balance the output and provide some additional colour without sacrificing the key design goals of the unit.


  • Fully discrete hi-bias wide bandwidth differential Class A amplifiers.
  • Matched and selected semiconductors.
  • Transformerless input with hi-grade WIMA film coupling capacitors.
  • 2 stages of power supply regulation.
  • Individual discrete regulators for each stage of the 2 stage amplifier.
  • High quality bifurcated relays for signal switching.
  • No "DC servo" that messes with the bass.
  • Single Point Ground pcb layout.
  • 41 position trimmed GAIN control.
  • Trimmed common mode noise rejection.
  • Output Mute and Hi/Lo input impedance switches.
  • Output transformer options.
  • 2 output connectors giving access to direct out if transformers are fitted.
  • Rugged chassis construction.

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