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Brand: Alcons
The VR8 is a very compact 2-way multi-application sound system, for both portable and permanent applications. As the "VR12's smaller brother", it features the Alcons RBN401 ribbon driver, offering very high fidelity sound reinforcement in medium-sized applications. The asymmetrical enclosure, the 90-degree revolvable wave-guide (a.o.) make the VR8 a "mature" member of the V-series.

Technical specifications

  • RBN401 pro-ribbon HF driver with exceptional intelligibility and SPL output
  • SIS pre-wired for very high damping and further reduced distortion (with ALC)
  • Extended headroom/SPL and protection in combination with SDP modules (with ALC) - Asymmetric enclosure provides maximum mounting flexibility
  • Stand mount adapter, Omnimount™ and fixed flying points, bracket (option)
  • Passive filtering for easy operation and economical powering
  • Durotect™ scratch-resistant coating


The VR8 is a 2-way ultra-compact multi-purpose loudspeaker, for both portable and permanent applications. Featuring the RBN401 ribbon driver, the VR8 combines a remarkable clarity and intelligibility, with a high SPL. The system includes dedicated filtering, but system equalizing is done remotely (electronically) fully utilizing the individual speaker components’ power capacity. This results in increased headroom SPL.

The SIS pre-wiring ensures complete cable/ connector compensation between the VR8 and ALC. The asymmetrical enclosure design provides for very flexible mounting (ceiling, wall) and usage. Typical applications for the VR8 include nearfield main system for theatre, A/V, PA or fill/delay speaker in larger systems, as well as stage monitoring. In applications where extended bass response is required, the VR 8 can be combined with a pressure- bass or deep-sub system.
For full system performance, we recommend using the VR8 in combination with an ALC2 (or ALC4) amplifier/controller. Driven by the ALC, the VR8 delivers maximum sound quality with increased headroom, under dedicated equalisation and inaudible (power and excursion) protection (SDP circuit).
16 Reasons why VR8 stands out from the crowd:
  1. HiFi sound at concert SPL!: The RBN401 pro-ribbon driver has up to 90% less distortion than any conventional mid/high transducer (@ same SPL), because of the lack of a compression chamber and the light weight diaphragm (with integrated voice-coil).
  2. Absolute maximum "gain-before-feedback": The light weight of the moving-mass offers an unprecedented fast transient response. In combination with the flat frequency response of the RBN401 driver, this caters for the absolute maximum "gain-before-feedback".
  3. Perfect speech-intelligibility: The fast transient response + the lack of compression "threshold" (the level under which the compression driver doesn't make enough compression to have actual HF output) brings perfect intelligibility and tonal balance at lowest as well as highest SPL's.
  4. No listening fatigue: Another benefit of the superb transient response and the lack of "time-smear" (a result of the slow moving mass/diaphragm at high frequencies) is the lack of listening fatigue, even after prolonged listening hours.
  5. True 90 degree dispersion: The RBN401 features Alcons' patent-pending "Real-90" dispersion in the horizontal plane. The Alcons ribbon drivers with "Real-90" are the only pro-ribbon drivers offering 90° dispersion up to and beyond 20kHz. (others up to 9kHz. max.)
  6. Digital dynamics: The very high RBN401 power handling of 800W (for 200Ms, which is 10 times the industry standard!), together with the ultra-low power compression (resulting from the patent-pending heat management + the direct air contact of the voice-coil) brings unsurpassed dynamic response. Note: In practice, the "fragile-presumed" ribbon diaphragm seems to be much stronger than a compression driver diaphragm, as a result from the light weight moving mass; The compression driver starts to break-up at 8kHz. because the mass can't follow the speed. With "clarity" frequencies around 16kHz (= twice the problem speed) often boosted more than 3dB (= double the power), the ribbon driver handles this without failure, contrary to compression drivers (break-up is most common reason for compr.diaphragm blow-up).
  7. "Inaudible waveguide": The RBN401 is mounted on the unique HempHorn™, made of a new combination of composite materials with natural hemp fiber structures. Contrary to the traditional glass fiber horns, the HempHorn™ features the same stiffness, but is characterized with a much higher internal damping (at same weight).
  8. Very clean signal path: As a result of the flat impedance of the RBN401, no impedance correction is needed in the crossover. This allows simpler filter designs, placing fewer parts/obstructions in the signal path, thus offering improved clarity and accuracy of the sound. The "Current-to-light" driver protection, inaudibly protects the drivers for input overload.
  9. Truly accurate mid and bass response: The VR8 is SIS pre-wired for SIS (Signal Integrity Sensing) circuit; In combination with the ALC controller amplifier, cable/connector influences are completely compensated for (with damping factor of 10.000).
  10. Maximum and reliable performance: The front-accessible SDP processing module in the ALC changes the stereo amp into a dedicated powered controller of the VR8, offering dedicated excursion protection, system -eq, filtering and power control, for maximum component performance.
  11. Full-range system: With "step-down" cabinet tuning, the accuracy of a 8" mid-bass driver and the wide response of the RBN401 (starting at 1200Hz), the VR8 offers broadband-response starting at 74Hz up to 20kHz. (58Hz. -10dB) with only two components. Without electronic compensation!
  12. Extended headroom: With system equalizing done by the SDP circuit of the ALC controller-amp (instead of by the passive crossover), the VR8 delivers up to 2dB more system headroom, starting at 800Hz. It's combining passive-filter amplifier-efficient powering with active-filter component-efficiency output.
  13. Versatile system: The multi-angle enclosure (with 37 degree and 45 degree angles) makes the VR8 a truly versatile SR system, that can be used as stand-alone SR system, FOH top cabinet (with bass system) or floor monitor. A clever investment!
  14. Maximum mounting flexibility: The mounting options extend the versatility of the VR8 even further; The 90-degree revolvable waveguide offers dispersion patterns of 90° x 40° or 40° x 90°. This enables focusing the sound regardless of cabinet orientation.
  15. Durotect™ cabinet coating: The VR8 cabinet is finished with an impact-resistant and weatherproof 2-component polyurea coating. This special coating stays flexible and thus offers a much better scratch-insensitivity/visibility than the generally used polyurethane (solid) coatings.
  16. Road/roady-proof construction: Rigid (Russian birch) cabinet construction with tongue-and-groove panel joints; Double baffle boards; Powder-coated custom-stamped steel grill, backed by (splash) water-resistant foam; Bolt-and-nut mounted drivers and grill; and….a limited 6-year warranty.


Technical specifications

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