Alcons LR16

Alcons LR16

Brand: Alcons
The LR16 is a compact 2-way active line-source system with double 8" and the RBN601 6" pro-ribbon MF/HF transducer, with "Real-90" horizontal dispersion, even beyond 20kHz. It is the main component of "The Ribbon" line-array system. The Ribbon is a complete "plug & play" system with speakers, amplifiers, dedicated processing, flying hardware, connector panels, prediction software and transport cases.

Technical specifications

  • RBN601 pro-ribbon HF with double 8” tapered woofers
  • 74Hz. – 20.000Hz. (+/-3dB)
  • SPL program/peak (nom.) 123dB / 135dB (HF)
  • Signal Integrity Sensing™ pre-wired
  • “Morpher” lens in 90°x10° HempHorn™ wave-guide
  • Durotect™ scratch-resistant coating


The LR16 is an active 2-way line-source loudspeaker system. It is a true line-array system, to be used as vertical array, either in stacked or flown configuration, for both portable and permanent installations. Loaded with the RBN601 ribbon driver on a “morpher” wave-guide (92% frontal radiation), the system features real-90 dispersion with seamless coverage, due to the ribbon’s all-natural cylindrical (Isophasic) wavefront. Its transient response caters for an amazing intelligibility and throw.
The compact size, combined with the easy and accurate flying system, makes the system quick to set-up.

Special attention in the design was paid to creating a versatile (and therefore economic) system; The system can be scaled from (part of) a large-scale long-throw arena system to an ultra-compact single cabinet system, with its revolvable wave-guide.

Furthermore, its lowest usable frequency is 51Hz., making the system real full-range in most applications.
The SIS pre-wiring ensures complete cable/connector compensation between the LR16 and ALC. Typical applications for the LR16 include main system for theatre, A/V, PA or front-, in- and side-fill system.

In applications where extended bass response is required, the LR16 can be combined with the LR16B bass module or a BF362 deeps-sub system.
For full system performance, we recommend using the LR16 in combination with an ALC 2 (or ALC 4) amplifier/controller. Driven by the ALC, the LR16 delivers maximum sound quality with inaudible (power and excursion) protection (SDP circuit).
18 Reasons why "The Rribbon" line-away system stands out from the crowd:
  1. Stand-alone function! A clever investment. The LR16 cabinet can be changed from a line-array module to a single-box, stand-alone 90x40 degree (4kHz) system, only by revolving the waveguide! (4 bolts). Really unique!
  2. HiFi sound at concert SPL! The RBN601 pro-ribbon driver has up to 90% less distortion than any conventional mid/high transducer (@ same SPL) and a super fast transient response. It is mounted on the unique HempHorn™, with same stiffness as conventional (glasfibre) horns, but with much higher damping (at same weight).
  3. All-natural cylindrical wavefront; The cylindrical wavefront of the ribbon driver makes complex horn constructions obsolete. This keeps the acoustical signal path clean and distortion-free. Main features of this mid/high transducer are perfect speech-intelligibility and a very large dynamic range.  
  4. Curved Isophasic wavefront; The "Morpher" lens on the RBN601 HF driver transforms the natural flat Isophase dispersion pattern into a curved Isophasic and Isobaric wavefront, making it the ideal building-block for J-curved arrays.
  5. High long-term power handling The "Chimney" under and above the RBN601 driver in the LR16, creates a chimney-effect in a "The Ribbon" array, maintaining a passive, but constant air flow to reduce the heat of the RBN601 driver. This way, power compression is kept to a minimum, with the 1000W. peak power handling of the RBN601.
  6. Very high " side"-lobe suppression; With 92% frontal radiation, the LR16 forms a (nearly) un-interrupted line-source without any leakage above (reflections) and under (feedback) the array.
  7. Absolute maximum "gain-before-feedback"; The combination of the flat response of the RBN601 driver and the very high degree of frontal radiation, caters for the absolutely maximum "gain-before-feedback".
  8. Very smooth and even "off-axis" response; The dedicated mid-tapering baffle prevents phase problems with dips and peaks in the MF band! Also, the 8th order filtering (48dB per octave) prevents lobing between the MF and HF components in the horizontal plane.
  9. Full-range; The system is designed as full-range system, without the immediate need for additional bass systems in most applications.
  10. Ultra compact in size and weight; One of the industries smallest heights (22,8cm/9-in) and lightest weights (only 29kg./64lb) while maintaining low-power compression (full size magnet structures).
  11. Durotect™ cabinet coating, scratch-free, impact-resistant and weatherproof 2-component cabinet finish.
  12. Complete mounted " all-in-one" flying hardware, without any separate parts (that can get lost..) All safety's and locking materials are attached to the cabinet.
  13. Very high WorkingLoadLimit of the flying system, with 7:1 safety for 24 cabinets in one rig (or 14:1 for 12 cabinets).
  14. Clever logistics, for quick and easy set-up, without extensive "weight-lifting"! The dedicated transport cases are an integral part of the easy set-up and strike of the system.  
  15. Accurate prediction software; With the ARC™ software the desired angles are calculated, with 0,7 degree accuracy, making " The Ribbon" array a precision instrument.
  16. Truly accurate mid and bass response; The LR16 is SIS pre-wired for SIS (Signal Integrity Sensing) circuit; In combination with the ALC2 controller amplifier, cable/connector influences are completely compensated for (with damping factor of 10.000).
  17. Best possible sound; The front-accessible SDP processing module in the ALC changes the stereo amp into a dedicated powered controller of the LR16, offering dedicated clip + excursion protection, filtering and power control, getting the maximum out of the components. The ALC features Class G switching principle for highest dynamic power and supreme sound quality.
  18. The Ribbon Network; Owners of The Ribbon become member of " The Ribbon Network", an international network for dry-hire cooperation between members, joined product development, information exchange and factory-direct support



Technical specifications

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