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Trantec S5.5 Wireless Microphone System

Brand: Trantec
25 years after pioneering the first readily available radio mics, Trantec's foresight and imagination has again taken wireless to a whole new level with their groundbreaking S5 Series.
Based upon the award winning S6000, widely used in theatre and broadcast, the S5 Series promises a powerful set of features combined with an exceptional performance/cost ratio. For venues of any size, we suggest you check out the specifications of this remarkable system.
The S5.5, one of our latest multi channel UHF products, is the big brother of the successful S5.3 system; it has 35MHz of bandwidth that will enable you to run up to 24 channels simultaneously at a price you will find hard to match.
This unique product will appeal to following markets:- amateur dramatics, audio visual, broadcast, churches, djs, musicians, pro audio, schools, theatres and many many more?
Product overview:
  • High quality, true-diversity operation
  • Up to 24 Simultaneous Channels
  • Frequency scan facility
  • USB based computer monitoring
  • Integral triple tone grip/noise and signal strength mute circuit
  • Simple programming of transmitter with in-built Infra-red
  • Clear and intuitive LCD displays on both transmitters and receivers
  • Single AA operation of transmitters with battery life of over 10 hours
  • Credit card size beltpack transmitters
  • Professional metal enclosures for both transmitters and receiver

Systems available:

  • S5.5HD Handheld Dynamic System
  • S5.5HC Handheld Condenser System
  • S5.5L Lavalier System
  • S5.5LH Headworn Aerobic System
  • S5.5LHT Headworn Theatre System
  • S5.5LG Lavalier System

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