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Trantec S5.3 Cube

Brand: Trantec
Trantec, the UK wireless microphone manufacturer, has introduced the latest addition to their popular Racked?n?Ready range. Compact, rugged, and extremely user-friendly, the S5.3 Cube has been designed to fill the needs of wireless mic users who prefer not to be overwhelmed with complex arrays of sound equipment.
This 1/2U system comes ready installed with 4 UHF channels of Trantec S5.3 which can operate up to 12 simultaneous channels within an 11MHz window (854-865MHz). An antenna distribution unit is included, and built-in mains distribution provides power to each receiver and the ADU. For larger events a remote antenna kit is also available.
Both handheld and beltpack transmitters operate for up to 10 hours on a single AA battery, and computer monitoring software means that users benefit from realtime system status. The S5.3 is already recognised for its versatile performance and is proving particularly popular with semi-pro bands and theatre productions. Despite its small proportions, the system promises a powerful set of features and is suitable for venues of any size.

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