Teknosign Sum Adjust PRO

Teknosign Sum Adjust PRO

Brand: Teknosign
Sum Adjust PRO is the best summing amp we can make. Based on the same core of Sum Adjust Junior, it is still a 16 channels summing amplifier with much more interesting features that make it the perfect tool for both High-End studio recording, Live recording and Broadcast.
In addition to the Junior, Sum Adjust PRO is equipped with 16 (2 digits 7-segments) displays above each channel that show the exact dB attenuation for each channel. It has 3 Masters (both stereo and mono), 16 XLR inputs, 2 Tascam DB25 inputs, an additional input to cascade more units and an external Master Send / Return connector where to possibly connect other devices (such as a Compressor, for example) with a dedicated push button for instant comparison of processed or not processed signals. A special Lock control has been implemented to “freeze” all knobs and buttons for a safe operation of the gear in live situations. Sum Adjust PRO also provides 16 internal memory slots to store and recall all the parameters. The gear is also provided with a USB port to be connected to a computer and with its dedicated plug-in (VST/AAX) or stand alone app you can control the machine in full. Last but not least, Sum Adjust PRO is also equipped with an output for an external VU meter unit that we will release in the coming months.


  • 16 Input Channels with 0 to 64 dB relay controlled stepped attenuator
  • Pan position controller by relay for Left, Center and Right
  • Main output range up to 6 dB controlled by relay controlled stepped attenuator
  • 2 Independent stereo SUB outputs controlled by relay controlled stepped attenuator
  • Balanced stereo Send/Return for external processing
  • Selector for processed or not processed signals
  • 8 LED ring indicator for every inputs and outputs
  • Double seven segment indicator for every input with visualization of attenuation
  • 6 Master output cards with 64 steps relay audio attenuator
  • Excellent audio performance
  • Electronic balanced line receiver
  • Full analog signal path
  • Ultra full linear power supply
  • “Audio-grade’” toroidal transformer
  • Low noise printed circuit board design
  • Modular channel cards design and main bus card with very ultra low noise
  • Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) reduces the audio paths reducing noise and interference
  • Balanced, transformer-like floating output
  • 16  Memory slots to store / recall all parameters
  • 16 XLR Neutrik input connector for balanced inputs
  • 2 DSUB 25 Tascam compatibile input connectors
  • XLR Neutrik connectors for all balanced outputs and send / return signals
  • Safe “Lock” button
  • Controlled by front rotary encoder or usb (via VST/AAX plug-in)
  • Auxiliary stereo input to connect other units
  • Special connection port for optional external VU Meter Unit



Frequency Response: 1 Hz – 100 kHz
Voltage Range Input: 22 dBU
Input Impedance: 18 Kohm
THD + Noise: 0.0006 %
Output Noise at 0 dB Gain: -104 dBU
Internal Linear Power Supply: +- 18V
Power Consumption: 50 watts
Dimensions: 3U 19″ rack (484mmx375mmx135mm)
Power Supply: 110 – 220 Vac
(factory programmed with internal selector)


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