API 8200

API 8200

Brand: API
Discrete 8 Channel Summing Mixer. API Audio is now shipping the API 8200 8-channel mixer, the latest addition to the company's line of rack-mount modular components.
The new mixer offers discrete signal paths and provides direct control over level, panning, inserts and sends. The one-rack space, 8-channel 8200 adds the final link in the modular audio chain, completing the circle from recording to mixing using legendary discrete API modules.
Designed for use with the API 7800 master module and API 7600 input modules, the new API 8200 allows DAW users to bypass their internal digital mix bus and use the 8200 as a discrete summing mixer for warm analog sound. Each channel has level pan, two aux sends, solo, mute, and insert. All external audio connections are balanced +4 dBu and the 8200 is configured with industry-standard DB-25 multi-pin connectors for easy integration into existing audio systems.
In addition, the flexible 8200 mixer can be used in a multitude of mix and submix applications including confidence monitoring, live recording, studio recording and mixing and even ADR and Foley monitor playback. Multiple 8200s can be easily linked to create multi-channel operations.


  • 8 Inputs
  • 2 Aux Sends
  • Level Control
  • Pan
  • Solo
  • Mute
  • Insert
  • D-sub Interface

The 8200 8 Channel Line Mixer allows you to mix with genuine API circuitry. It works with the 7600 and 7800 to form a custom sized, easily expandable console configuration. The 8200 provides 8 inputs in one rack space and features a level control, a Panner and 2 Aux sends per channel. Each channel has a balanced input and conveniently switchable insert, Mute and Solo switches, making this the perfect mixer for any line level application. Requires a 7800 Master Controller.

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