Merging Hapi

Merging Hapi

Brand: Merging
Welcome to the world’s most popular, mastering-grade networked audio interfaces, combining Swiss-built technology with industry-tested AES67 and RAVENNA connectivity.

The World’s Best Analog Section and Converters... Full Stop.

After hundreds of comparison tests made by some of the world’s most “golden eared” engineers, we can say this with a strong sense of confidence.
The Networked Audio range of converters brings Swiss-precision and un-ending attention to detail in every single component and signal path and results in the most astonishing of record and reproduction signal paths of any audio interface or converter available today.
  •     Hand matched and hand soldered analog componentry.
  •     Ardatech AT1201 A/D chip with modified HPF for enhanced performance
  •     Individually calibrated quartz clocking mechanism
  •     Each channel must pass over 30 noise, distortion, CMRR and level threshold tests
  •     Completely balanced signal path direct to the AD
  •     A/D and D/A samplerate support from 44.1 -> 384kHz, DXD & DSD64/128/256

Modular by Design

Build a Horus or Hapi unit to fit your exact needs by adding from range of analog and digital option cards. Put small amount of Inputs and outputs in various locations, or stack over 200 I/O (what a fully loaded Horus is capable of) in a single rack. Flexibility and power in any form you need.

2 Option Slots that fit any combination (up to 16 analog ins and outs) of:

  • 8 Channel AD Mic/Line Input Cards (AD8D/P)
  • 8 Channel DA Line Output Cards (DA8/P)
  • 8 Channel Mic/Line Input & 8 Channel Line Out Cards (ADA8)
  • The left slot may be fitted with 64 I/O MADI coaxial/optical MADM/MADS (MADM/MADS)


Route Signal Anywhere

The Networked Audio range has been designed so that any input can be routed to any amount of outputs as required in blocks of 8 channels.. at the same time.
With comprehensive routing pages accessible both locally on the touchscreen and by remote access using a standard web browser, the Networked Audio range of interfaces is the answer to signal flow management in your studio.

RAVENNA / AES67 for ANY workstation

Pyramix users are of course our first love, but we are also able to offer any DAW or NLE user the opportunity to take advantage of RAVENNA/AES67 by using the ASIO (PC) / CoreAudio (MAC) drivers bundled with Horus and Hapi. So, even if your tool of choice was not RAVENNA ready, it is now.

Green Built

For power-conscious users, The Networked Audio range has been meticulously designed in order to keep consumption at an incredible minimum. For example, a fully loaded Horus running all channels of phantom power will only draw about 60W, making it more affordable to run than your kitchen lights.

Not Just an Audio Interface.

Get LTC (SMPTE) and MIDI time codes, along with frame accurate video reference signals to any computer on your network using the Sync I/O cable.
The Networked Audio range of audio interfaces makes multi DAW sync incredibly simple by being able to distribute timing information using standard GbE networks.

Base Unit - Hardwired Features

Digital I/O

  •     8 AES/EBU I/O (DUB)
  •     8 ADAT / 2 SPDIF (Switching)
  •     RAVENNA / AES67 (RJ45)
  •     Word Clock I/O

Synchronization I/O

  •     LTC
  •     MIDI
  •     Video Reference

Sample Rate support

  •     44.1 – 384 kHz PCM
  •     DXD and DSD64/128/256

User Interface

  •     Remote control over LAN (CAT5E/CAT6)
  •     Direct access on unit with rotary control

2 Option slots that fit any combo of:

  •     8 Channel Mic/Line Input Card (AD8D / AD8DP)
  •         AD8D sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
  •         AD8DP sample rates from 44.1 ->384 kHz, DXD/DSD64/128/256
  •     8 Channel Line Out Card (DA8/DA8P)
  •         DA8 Sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
  •         DA8P sample rates from 44.1 ->384 kHz, DXD/DSD64/128/256
  •     8 Channel Mic/Line Input & 8 Channel Line Out Card (ADA8)
  •         Sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
  •     The left slot may be fitted with 64 I/O MADI coaxial/optical module (MADM/MADS)
    Note: P and “non-P” cards (Premium and Standard) can be mixed in the same unit

Redundant Power Options:

    Optional DC power input to be used as a redundant or alternate power source


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