Microtech Gefell KEM 970

Microtech Gefell KEM 970

The Cardioid Plane Microphone is a multi-capsule microphone system with a directivity which is largely independent on frequency, and which in the horizontal plane has the characteristic of a microphone with super cardioid directivity but in vertical plane such of a directional microphone with an opening angle of about 30°. By this manner the directivity is matched to the situation very often exists that the sound source to be transferred is expended over a plane or is moving within this plane, while at the same time all the sound coming from the other directions has to be suppressed.
The sound to be suppressed can possibly consist of disturbing noise or of reflections which are generated by areas of ceilings, tables and the ground. With positioning the microphone in a horizontal plane the unwanted feedback effects can be reduced evidently which may released by sound system loudspeakers mounted at side walls.
The high degree of directional selectivity of the microphone requires the knowledge of the directions of incidence of useful sound as well as of disturbant sound. The more carefully the KEM 970 is adjusted in this relation, the better are the results which are gained.
The optimum adjustment can be reached by means of the position control indication on the front side of the microphone. The mean gain of about 5 dB of the useful signal level can otherwise be reached by room-acoustical means only by very high efforts and costs or not at all.
Another benefit of the KEM 970 is its capability of reducing the sensitivity when the distance to the sound source is diminished and the arrangement will follow the proposal in Fig.3.

Recommended applications of the KEM 970:
  • at the stage edges or stage corners
  • at the speaker’s stand (desk)
  • the use for a table microphone
  • in Radio and TV productions  
  • in Video conferences
  • for the detecting of local disturbant sound sources

First experiences made with practical applications in TV productions, stage sound reinforcement systems and with the support of speech at the speaker’s stand have confirmed the decisive benefits of the Cardioid Plane Microphone in a lot of situations.

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