DPA Microphones 4026/27/28 Compact Omnidirectional

DPA Microphones 4026/27/28 Compact Omnidirectional

The DPA Compact omnidirectional phantom powered (P48) condenser microphones use the same type of cartridge as the famous DPA 4006, but is preamplified using a built-in ultra small thick-film mounted FET preamplifier, which enables the cartridge to be mounted on a extremely compact microphone housing.
The linear on-axis frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz (±2 dB) together with the ultra-small design makes the compact omni the perfect choice for all kinds of on-camera or on-stage use where high definition audio is paramount.

Three variants
The 4051 has its cable mounted at 90° to the microphone axis, which mechanically is perfect for situations where the microphone needs to be mounted directly on the musical instrument or suspended to record an audience.

The 4052 has its cable mounted behind the microphone axis for situations where the microphone needs to be suspended from its own cable.

The 4053 has a standard LEMO connector for simple and safe mounting and removal of the microphone capsule but also for use together with the elegant and flexible Flamingo Series floor stands. The microphone is supplied with a 3 m cable LEMO to XLR.

 Both the 4052 and the 4053 Compact Omnis are extremely popular as A-B Stereo pairs in concert halls where the beautiful architecture has to go hand in hand with quality recordings.

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