ATP 05 Standard

ATP 05 Standard

Brand: ATP
The Acoustic Treatment Pack 5® is specific for large-sized music rooms. You can choose from the two ATP5® available solutions: Standard or Excellence, depending on your needs and aesthetic taste.
It provides acoustic comfort in control room studios, tracking rooms, hi-fi or home-cinema rooms, rehearsal rooms, etc..
It uses low-frequency tuned modules, BKA120® and BKW120®, which are duly balanced with the absorbers and diffusers FSO060 and WAV060, as pictures show.
The application of the low-frequency tuned absorbers in the corners of the room and on the walls is, in this case, imperative to hold the energy at low frequencies.
The integration of the acoustic modules, sound system and listener is decisive for a good audition, therefore minimizing the differences in the distribution of the acoustic pressure as well as the modal emphasis and SBIR (speaker-boundary interference response).

Give your ears an opportunity and see how the performance of your sound system improves.

ATP5® is an easy-to-install assembly kit and is provided with assembly instructions, as well as the glues and tools which are necessary to apply the acoustic modules.

Room tipology (applications):
  • Control room studios Hi-fi or home-cinema rooms
  • Tracking rooms Rehearsal rooms.

Where to apply:
  • Rooms with an area between: 30 and 40 square meters
  • Rooms with volumes between: 90 and 130 cubic meters

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