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• KILLMISTER - manual / automatic kill switch, sound cutter ON/OFF
• Kill times can be set to 8 levels using a rotary switch.
• Manual, 400ms, 350ms, 300ms, 250ms, 200ms, 150ms, 100ms automatic kill time.
Planned as a fun pedal, the KILLMISTER has developed into a series model. From manual operation (level 1) to automatic machine gun fire => press and hold the button (Level 8).
It's not just about a simple, crazy effect pedal, the KILLMISTER can also be integrated into the entire song. Stuttering rhythm sounds and screeching solos with an automatic kill effect are no longer a problem. That is not a tremolo effect, but a real kill break against ground. The KILLMISTER can be placed anywhere in the signal chain before the amp as a hard kill, or into the fx loop as a hard kill with reduced switching noise. The red status LED lights up in the kill cycle.
The Killmister comes in a mini XS box with a cool design and KILLER instinct!

  • 100% mechanical, switches internally to ground using a special relay
  • True Bypass
  • Handmade in Germany
  • 3 year warranty

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