Jocavi Woodiffusor

Jocavi Woodiffusor

Brand: Jocavi
This wooden diffusion panel is the result of a long design and analysis process and one of JOCAVI's options in terms of diffusion panels. The use of this extremely efficient panel is imperative to control primary reflections and other reflections from front walls, thus improving correct sound diffusion in the room.
The Woodiffusor® is a 2D diffusion panel that focuses on controlling
horizontal dispersion and is efficient in a wide range of frequencies.
It is based on the rotation sequence of primary incidence angles, thereby making sound diffusion uniform in several directions with similar energy.
This panel is made of solid pinewood with a finish of five different colours of varnish. The wood stands out inside the rooms and makes this product look very attractive, both acoustically and aesthetically.


  • Manufactured with self-sustainable forest wood.
  • Average diffusion: 0.59/m [>100Hz;<5KHz].
  • Finished with ecological varnishes.
  • Fire-resistance: M4.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Package: 2 units.
  • Installation: accessories included.

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