Jocavi Squarydiffusor

Jocavi Squarydiffusor

Brand: Jocavi
The Squarydiffusor® is a diffusion panel that has a higher balance between diffusion/absorption. It is a 2D quadratic diffuser with five slightly uneven gradients. The Squarydiffusor® is made of low density clay paste.
Due to its quadratic shape and the raw material it uses, its diffusion and absorption features are well balanced for a diffusion panel.
The Squarydiffusor® enables quite good control of acoustics by fragmenting the reflected energy, while the absorption factor is not too high.
This product is therefore quite recommended for installation in small-sized rooms, by making the acoustics of those spaces quite homogeneous.


  • Manufactured in ceramic.
  • Average diffusion: 0.57/m [>100Hz;<5KHz].
  • Made with an ecological paint.
  • Fire-resistance: M0.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Package: 2 and 4 units.
  • Installation: accessories included.

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