Jocavi Effectfuser

Jocavi Effectfuser

Brand: Jocavi
Diffusion shells are acoustic treatment elements used in large volume rooms, such as theatres and auditoriums, where orchestral concerts or mere recitals take place.
The installation of these acoustic diffusion components aims to project the natural sound from the instruments and maintain some liveliness in the room's acoustics.
JOCAVI's Effectfuser® has been designed at the scale of these needs. It is a large-sized diffuser that provides a very homogeneous diffusion within the diffuse sound spectrum.
Due to its shape and depth, the Effectfuser® has a high diffusion coefficient on medium/low frequencies, thus making it more balanced when compared with other diffusers.
This piece can be coupled and multiplied in order to suit each room's project.
When mounted, several modules must be grouped in order to obtain a diffusion area that is proportional to each space. They are properly positioned on ceilings or walls in order to obtain sound diffusion at the intended angles.
Effectfuser® may also be used, like any other JOCAVI® diffusion model, in combination with other models of absorption panels.


  • Manufactured in recycled ABS.
  • Average diffusion: 0.61/m [>100Hz;<5KHz].
  • Fire-resistance: M2.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Package: 1 and 3 units.
  • Installation: accessories included.

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