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When Track count starts to matter as well, and you not only need to guarantee blisteringly low latencies, but also immense I/O capabilities, then MassCore Extended is the choice for you. With extended track count possibilities (3x that of MassCore Pro!) along with and additional multi-core MassCore Engine, this is by far the most powerful DAW you will ever find.


Edit/Mix/Master During Record

Imagine being able to stop your timeline and let your recording continue. This simple difference from standard DAW recording allows users to play over material, scrub, edit, automate, render add and edit CD markers and generally treat the entire timeline as though it were filled with previously recorded sounds. This is an indispensable tool for almost every single Pyramix workflow.

Secure Recording Features

From automatic keyboard lockout for long uninterruptable takes (like a live concert such as The British Royal Wedding) to backup media paths for every recorder (allowing two distinct media sets to be created for each recording), Pyramix is the most trusted DAW when it comes to reliably capturing even the most critical of performances.

Ultra-Large Track Count Recordings

A single Pyramix MassCore system is capable of recording up to 384 discreet audio channels at once. This has huge implications at 44.1/48 kHz, but is even more interesting when samplerates start to increase.

  •     384 track recording @ 44.1 / 48 kHz
  •     192 track recording @ 88.2 / 96 kHz
  •     96 track recording @ 176.4 / 192 kHz
  •     48 track recording @ DXD / 384 kHz
  •     32 track recording @ DSD64 / DSD128 / DSD256

Interchange Format Support

If your sounds need to come from another workstation, then Pyramix offers a complete set of interchange format support. This ensures that no matter where your project is starting or finishing, you can use your Pyramix without fear of compatibility.

  •     AAF
  •     OMF
  •     CMX/EDL
  •     OpenTL
  •     DAR Reel/Segments
  •     Sonic Solutions
  •     AES31
  •     FCP XML
  •     XML
  •     CD
  •     DDP
  •     AKAI DD/DR


Advanced Editing for the Professional

Professional editors need an advanced and flexible toolset to be able to work at the pace that today's industry requires. Using Macro Editors, a tool-free editing paradigm and layers of keyboard assignable edit functions means that editors have everything they need to create the ultimate custom editor.

The First Real-Time Timeline

Most DAW's today can live up to what most consider to be a 'real-time' timeline. Adding Clip Gains, Envelopes and real-time fades are common nowadays. But, Pyramix also boasts the ability to be able to place any file (mixed samplerates, file types, bit depths, codecs and track widths) on a single timeline with no rendering required whatsoever.

Global Libraries

A combination of optimized sound effects search database, sound design edit storage, mixer parameter presets creator and inter-Pyramix sharing tool, the Global libraries are an essential part of Pyramix workflows. Users can drag and drop any information from a Pyramix project into a library and instantly share that info between projects and even between Pyramix systems residing on the same network! Included in the library is a comprehensive search tool with Boolean options.

The Fade Editor

Direct access to each fade in a project, allowing for sample accurate curve adjustment, in and out trimming and a slew of auditioning features means that even the most complex crossfades are easy to achieve. The Fade editor works on single track edits and any size of multi-track edit and is able to perform asymmetric crossfades with completely user definable custom curves.

Source and Destination Editing Model

Source and Destination editing might not be the most common of editing models, but it is by far one of the most powerful. When editing take after take of multi-channel performance, being able to quickly compile numerous 'source' takes into a destination timeline is incredibly powerful. If you are editing take-based recordings, source and destination will become indispensable the moment you begin to use it.

Time Compression/Expansion and Pitch Shift with DIRAC3

When your media needs to be fit into a space it wasn't meant to, using DIRAC3 will get you closer to the original sound better than any other algorithm out there. Perform sample accurate pull up/down of an entire timeline, or manually adjust the pitch or length of any piece of media in your project with the best possible results using DIRAC3. (PSP-MTP options required)


All the Tools a Mixer Needs

Pyramix features a comprehensive mixing interface with all the tools needed to make even the most complex of mixes come together. The mixer has VCAs, Subgroups, Multi-Mono, Multi-Stereo and Stem-Surround busses and Auxiliaries and includes VS3 and VST support along with a range of plugins covering any type of workflow. Pyramix even features over 23000ms of delay compensation to allow for almost limitless plugin use without any effect on timeline sync!

Automate like a Boss

Every single parameter of the Pyramix mixer can be automated with full control over touch, latch and isolate modes. Pyramix also offers a comprehensive Automation Versions window, which allows users to scroll through the automation history, even while in playback! Save automation versions for a single timeline, create easy to achieve A/B comparisons during listen-back sessions and generally be able to move through the automating of your project with ease.

Complete, in-the-box Monitoring

Multiple speaker sets, complete control over speaker mutes and phase, and a comprehensive talkback section are just a few of the features in the integrated monitor section. Also able to be addressed using any remote protocol makes this an indispensable tool for any mix room.

Professional Metering for Professional Users

The fully configurable peak meters on the mixer are just the beginning of what Pyramix users enjoy when keeping an eye on levels. Pyramix also includes a meter bridge with user definable VU and peak metering for all strips and busses. As well, the Final Check Metering tool allows users to simultaneously meter a stereo and surround buss of their choosing with a host of standards including VU, PPM, Intersample Peak, Loudness (LuFS), Phase / Spatialization. All of these standards can also be shown in a time-based graph, allowing users to simply and easily check the changes in each over any duration.


Swiss-Precision Sonics

Being Swiss, Merging do their best to remain as neutral as possible. When that desire is applied to audio engines, Pyramix users around the world benefit from what has been called 'the most transparent workstation' on the market today.

Master at any Samplerate/Bitdepth

When a workflow demands that a master be delivered at a certain samplerate, doesn't have to mean that your work has to be at the same one. Mastering projects in Pyramix can be run at any samplerate and Bitdepth so that all of your gain structures, dynamics adjustments and effects are applied with the highest resolution possible. All SRC and dithering occurs using HEPTA, the SRC used by the world's top mastering engineers.

Simultaneous Album Publishing and CD Masters

In the era of digital downloads, delivering a CD master is becoming less and less necessary. At the same time, the need for a multitude of files, each of different type/samplerate/bitdepth is needed for various archive and download uses. Album publishing with Pyramix means that all of this happens, faster than real-time with the single click of a button.

Master from Multi-Track

When working on project from beginning to end, being able to keep all of your options open creates a huge improvement in what engineers are able to achieve. Mastering directly from your multi-track project means that if there is something wrong with your mix that is affecting what mastering can achieve, then you can fix it instantaneously.

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