Flux Pure Compressor II

Flux Pure Compressor II

Brand: Flux
Dynamic Range Is Under Control. Pure Compressor II comes from the compressor section of Solera II. It uses the exclusive “Angel’s Share” and “Hysteresis” algorithms developed by FLUX::.
Pure Compressor II produces a wide range of compression from ultra clean subtle compression to classic heavy pumping. It’s up to your artistic choice not to the technology's limitations.

New functions have been added to the original Pure Compressor. External side chain inputs are now available. New dynamic detection algorithms are available. The MS Width control manages stereo signals. A Hold parameter and a Threshold for Hysteresis, complement the settings. Classic modes and Feedback modes are now available for signal level detection, completing the legacy Solera mode. Various new profiles can be selected for detecting the dynamics of the signal. A Maximum mode can be engaged on the Hysteresis control, allowing processing that takes into account maximum values of both the standard and the Hysteresis detection schemes.

Our exclusive A / B morphing system, allows instant and efficient global control of processing. The preset manager allows you to save global presets made up of two different presets including the A / B morphing slider position. Note also that factory presets are provided for every plug-in.

Pure Compressor II manages digital audio up to 384 KHz, and up to 8 channels. This is the native version of the plug-in for AU, RTAS and VST.

The DSP based Pyramix version is available from the Merging Technologies sale network.

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