Flux Epure II

Flux Epure II

Brand: Flux
Epure II is our state-of-the-art equalizer. TDM / Venue version available. The algorithm of Epure II ensures the best quality ever for a digital equalizer. The user interface also uses the A/B morphing system for presets allowing ultra fast and precise operation.
Each section has:
  • An individual bypass.
  • Filter type that can be set to low cut, low shelving, peak, hi shelving or hi cut
  • Gain that can be set from -24 dB to +24 dB
  • Frequency range covering the whole bandwidth
  • Q factor adjustable from 0.1 to 100

Epure also features five unique functions making equalization even easier:

  • Copy A and Copy B duplicate the twenty settings of one slot to the other with a single click
  • X2 and /2 affect the gain value for each equalizer section
  • Invert turns the positive gain values to negative ones and vice versa

Combined with our exclusive A / B morphing system, these five functions allow global and efficient control of the equalization curve, instantly. The preset manager allows saving of global presets made up of two different presets including the A / B morphing slider position. Note also that factory presets are now provided for every plug-in. Epure II includes internal input / output routing. Channel group management allowing many channels or individual channels to be set, is also available from the new setup window. From this window, up to 4 MS encoders and up to 4 MS decoders can be engaged if required.

Epure II manages digital audio up to 384 KHz, and up to 8 channels. This is the native version of the plug-in for AU, RTAS and VST. Epure II also exists in TDM D-SHOW VENUE version.

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