Jocavi LeakyFM

Jocavi LeakyFM

Brand: Jocavi
JOCAVI® has developed LeakyFM® as an additional option within the range of its absorption panels. It is mainly meant for radio and television studios, as well as broadcasting and voiceover rooms and auditoriums.
The typical voice-off loudness requires an adequate planning of the room's acoustics in order to provide good sound reception. JOCAVI® has come up with this product which has a good absorption coefficient at 500 Hz, exactly within the mid-range of the human voice, thus creating a sort of a loudness effect in rooms that radio speakers and professionals much appreciate.
Although it is different in aesthetic terms, LeakyFM® is attractive and has a pleasant design. It is also available with a natural wood film finish. This panel provides the customer with four options to project his space.
LeakyFM® is available in three different aesthetics with equally different acoustic features.
It is built by combining absorbent raw materials made from natural fibres and recycled synthetic fibres.
Besides its standard sizes, this product may also be manufactured in other sizes according to the requirements of each project.


  • Uses 80% of recycled materials.
  • NRC: (LFM 0.86); (RAY 0.84);
  • (BAMBOO 0.78); (CHESS 0.78)
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Fire-resistance: M2.
  • Package: 2 and 4 units.
  • Installation: acessories included.
  • Other sizes are available on demand.

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