14. October, 2005
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Other Equipment
API 7800 - Discrete 4 Buss Console Master. API 7800 Rack Mounted Master Control Module is the final stage in the line of 7600 Input Modules linked together in a console configuration. The new API 7800 fits into one rack space unit. It includes summing amps for the echo sends, busses and stereo mix bus when linked up with the 7600 input module. The 7800 is available in either a Vertical or Horizontal configuration, depending on the custom needs of the user.

Avalon U5 - The U5 high-voltage DI-preamp combines a unique passive tone selector with a variable gain preamp and filter. The high input impedance accepts a wide variety of signal levels and instruments from acoustic guitars to high-output active bass guitars and keyboards. The U5 direct box is loaded with sonic character and user features professionals demand.

DBX 120A - Subharmonic Synthesizers. Why just rock the house when you can rattle the foundation loose. The wildy popular beat of "House Music" is likely to be driven by the throbbing, low-end bass of dbx Subharmonic Synthesizers in clubs around the world.

Radial JPC - Active stereo computer & media device direct box A two-channel hybrid direct box designed to address the demand for interfacing computer sound cards, consumer electronics and other gear to professional sound systems. The JPC features two active 48V phantom powered channels in a compact, rugged enclosure. The JPC combines an active drive circuit, for long cable runs, with transformer isolated inputs to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. Multiple input and thru connectors for great versatility include 1/8” stereo, 1/4" stereo and RCA.

Radial J48 - An active direct box that has been specifically developed to address the problem of limited current and resulting dynamic range associated with 48V phantom power. A unique switch-mode supply steps up the internal rails to allow an input signal of up to 10V without any noticeable distortion.

Radial JD6 - JD6 - six-channel Jensen-equipped passive direct box A 6-channel rack-mounted version of the Radial JDI direct box with a 'Swiss army knife' of cool hook-up features added. This Jensen® transformer-equipped DI supercedes the highly successful Radial JD•4 4-channel DI and sets the new standard in rack-mounted direct boxes.

Radial JDI - Jensen-equipped passive direct box The worlds finest passive direct box! It employs the legendary Jensen® JT-DBE transformer which is renowned for its warm Bessel response curve. Virtually zero phase distortion, exceptional signal handling and the advantage of true isolation to eliminate hum makes the Radial JDI the choice for live sound reinforcement. Radial JDI Passive Direct Box

Radial JDI duplex - Two-channel Jensen-equipped passive DI. A stereo version of the Radial JDI. Ideal for recording, broadcast, and live sound where extreme dynamics such as those produced by digital sampling devices and keyboards are encountered. Completely passive, the JD4 employs two Jensen® JT-DBE transformers for 100% isolation and low phase distortion.

Radial JDV - Our flagship direct box. Features a highly acclaimed Class-A feed-forward circuit design with huge 30V internal rail voltage for absolute no-compromise performance. The JDV Mk3 expands the functionality of regular direct boxes by providing a zoned working environment with 4 instrument outputs, in addition to the traditional balanced out. This allows unprecedented flexibility and creative setups.

Radial ProDI and ProD2 - The Radial ProDI's are high-quality, full-range passive direct boxes equipped with custom made audio transformers for exceptional signal handling without saturation and with extremely low phase distortion in the critical bass and mid regions. The result is exceptional clarity and definition at an attractive price point. Ultra-compact and made of 14 gauge steel, both ProDI models feature internal I-beam construction with a 'book-end' outer shell for extreme durability in the most demanding environments. Available in single-channel (ProDI) or dual-channel (ProD2) stereo, these exceptional direct boxes offer performance superior to any other DI's in their price range and are ideally suited for use with acoustic guitar, bass and keyboards.

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