14. October, 2005
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Summing & Line Mixers
API 8200 - Discrete 8 Channel Summing Mixer. API Audio is now shipping the API 8200 8-channel mixer, the latest addition to the company's line of rack-mount modular components.

Manley Mixers - Comes in three versions; the line version has 16 line inputs with balanced XLR, and unbalanced jacks, one aux send per channel, the mic version has 16 mic pres, inserts on every channel, phase reverse, and input gain instead of an auxiliary send. The 8+8 version has 8 mic channels and 8 line channels. All versions feature two large VU meters, mute and solo per channel, direct outs, main or alternative speaker selection, speaker dim, 2 track return, external in, and mono button. There are 2 x 12AT7WA triode valves and 2 x 6414 triode valves in the mix bus. The mixer has a separate non rack mounting power supply. Manley mixers are based on proven electronic philosophies and reliability. Manley have a no compromise attitude on quality. 19 inch rack mounting. 5U.

Tube Tech SSA 2A - The SSA 2A is the sound solution to the bottleneck problems arising when down-mixing digital recordings on DAW’s. Our new 4+16->2 channel down-mixing unit directly targets the critical mastering process: Sonically it easily outperforms the quality of digital audio workstations and even betters the performance of mixing amplifiers built into the most high-end analogue consoles.

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