14. October, 2005
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Focusrite Voice master pro

With every project, you need to capture that perfect vocal and make the sound your own. VoiceMaster Pro represents a new generation of voice recording equipment. Many of the elements from the award-winning VoiceMaster have been innovated upon. In addition, the unit features a whole host of new processors designed to ensure you have all you require to make the most of the artist you're recording.


The award-winning Class A preamp captures every nuance from any source, whilst latency-free monitoring ensures direct and delay-free mix control. Tools such as the voice-optimised EQ, Vintage Harmonics and Tube Sound allow you to get creative with a touch of class, putting your own stamp on every recording.
All of this, combined with the optional 24 bit, 96 kHz digital output board means that VoiceMaster Pro is the perfect interface between your microphone and your DAW or other recording media, placing the ultimate tracking solution firmly within your grasp.
Please note: The power supply featured in VoiceMaster Pro is not a switching power supply. Consequently, 120v VM Pros are not suitable for use in 220-240v territories, and vice versa.
Summary of the differences between VoiceMaster Pro and the original VoiceMaster:
VoiceMaster Pro has...
Latency-free monitoring section - a separate stereo monitoring circuit that allows the user to monitor vocal + FX loop (e.g. to add reverb) + mix played back from e.g. DAW and control levels of these three sources, removing latency. (VoiceMaster has no monitoring section.)
24/96 digital output option, using the same A/D card as Penta and Trak Master. (VoiceMaster has no digital connectivity.)
Backlit VU output meter (VoiceMaster has no VU meter)
Instrument input in addition to line and mic inputs.
Insert send and return, between mic pre and expander. (VoiceMaster has no insert.)
Vintage Harmonics section. (VoiceMaster has only tape saturation simulator.)
Routing flexibility (Vintage Harmonics and Compressor order can be reversed, and compressor and EQ order can also be reversed, hence 4 combinations of these 3 sections possible. (VoiceMaster has fixed processing block order.)
2U chassis. (VoiceMaster is 1U.)
6-LED input meter. (VoiceMaster has only single LED.)
6-LED expander meter. (VoiceMaster has only 4-LED meter.)
New lower noise opto compressor.
New lower noise opto expander.
New Tube Sound section. (VoiceMaster has none.) VoiceMaster Pro circuit also includes new tone control feature and sexy, 3-colour large LED.
More flexible EQ - now has frequency shift for HF (10k or 14k) and depth of notch filter ("absence") can now be varied. (VoiceMaster has no HF shift and fixed depth of notch.)
New de-esser- now features the ISA 430 de-esser - includes the 'listen' function, so that the sidechain of the de-esser can be isolated, making setting up the frequency to de-ess very easy.
6-LED De-esser meter. (VoiceMaster has only single LED.)
L+R Monitor inputs and outputs. (VoiceMaster has none.)
FX mono send and stereo return. (VoiveMaster has none.)

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