Teknosign Sum Adjust Classic

Teknosign Sum Adjust Classic

Brand: Teknosign
Every audio professional knows that however sophisticated the “mix in the box” will never give you the sound of the great consoles of the 70’s.

The reason is in great part due to the process, apparently more simple, of the whole audio stream that is the sum of the audio signals and the relation between them.

However innovative in the process, digital mix will still lack space, dimension, detail and precision. When this process is realized analogically the differences are evident. In addition with a digital mix the relation between the levels of the different tracks will never be fully satisfying.

Finally, with the SUM ADJUST CLASSIC you will have a true “out of the box” mixing power in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). You will be able to mix like in the best recording studios with the possibility of adjusting the relation between the various channels in an impeccable way.

The result will simply be the greatest sound you have ever experienced.



    16 Channels
    Excellent audio performance
    Electronic Balanced Line receiver
    Full analog signal path
    Ultra Full linear power supply
    “Audio-grade'” toroidal transformer
    Low Noise Printed Circuit Board Design
    Designed with modular channel cards
    SMD technology used reduces the audio paths reducing noise and interference
    Attenuation and pan control for each channel (left, center and right) by front switch
    Balanced, transformer-like floating output
    Auxiliary stereo input to connect other units




Frequency Response: 1 Hz – 100 kHz
Voltage Range Input: 22 dBU
Input Impedance: 18 kohm
THD + Noise: 0.0006 %
Output Noise at 0 dB Gain: -104 dBU
Internal Linear Power Supply: +- 16V
Power Consumption: 30 watts
Dimensions: 1U 19″ rack (484mmx44.5mmx265mm)
Weight: 3.6 Kg
Power Supply: 110 – 220 Vac
(factory programmed with internal selector)
Warranty: 2 years with on-line registration


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