Brauner Microphones Valvet

Brauner Microphones Valvet

First class components, excellent dynamics and exceptionally low self noise exemplify Brauner microphones. This of course, holds true for the Valvet, a tube microphone based on the already legendary VM1, which provides a unique, finely balanced character.Our objective with the Valvet was to create a tube microphone that would be ideally suited to be used as a spot microphone through small construction and the use of a newly developed microphone suspension.
The Valvet produces excellent recordings even under difficult acoustic conditions due to its directional characteristics, leaning slightly towards hyper - cardioid while maintaining a high level of back rejection. In omni though, it becomes the perfect choice for ambiance recordings. In 1999, the Valvet received the SSAIR Award for best microphone in its category as the VM1 did the year before.

The Valvet, boasting the same naturalness and openness as the VM1, produces recordings with wonderful spatial qualities and pleasing proximity and warmth. The Valvet uses the most common directional characteristics - omni and cardioid - and has a phase reverse switch for the use with non-standard pre-amplifiers.

Technical Data

  • Equivalent Noise:  < 11 dB A (IEC651)
  • Signal to Noise:  > 83 dB (1Pa/1KHz - Cardioid)
  • Sensitivity:  28mV / Pa - Cardioid
  • Pattern:  Omni, cardioid
  • Frequency range:  20 Hz - 22 KHz
  • Maximum SPL:  142 dB SPL @ 0,3 % THD
  • Power Rating:  115V or 230 V

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